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The YP30G Yamaha water pump features a cast iron impeller and volute case which means this pump withstands wear from grit, sand, silt etc., while the 171 CC 4-stroke engine pumps up to 980 L/minute through its thirsty 3-inch port. Do the math: that’s an insane 58,800 L/hour! Yet it’s quieter and more fuel-efficient than comparable engines in its category. The engine (overhead valve) has precise valve actuation and heavy-duty design offer improved efficiency, increased reliability and quite operation. Cast iron cylinder lining provides optimal heat dissipation, consistent performance during continuous use and long engine life. Oil watch warning system automatically shuts off before oil level is low and cannot be re-started until oil is added. Prevents engine damage and costly repairs while enhancing long-term durability. Transistor controlled ignition (TCI) - provides clean, efficient spark that ensures fast, easy starting. Low maintenance, reliable operation. Auto decompression automatically “opens” exhaust valve slightly to reduce initial backpressure when starting making manual starting effortless. Die-cast aluminum pump housings are used for lighter carrying weight. Durable carbon-ceramic seats are easy to replace and they reduce abrasion for long pump life. Standard national pipe thread (NPT) fittings connect easily with the suction and discharge hoses. Sturdy tubular frame for added protection and easy carry. Large muffler for quiet operation.


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