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The Yamaha YBR 125G was born to satisfy the demand for a street-type motor cycle with better acceleration, better performance, stability at higher speeds and the tenacity to take on a more punishing roads. Incorporating Yamaha’s know-how gained from the world of racing, aerodynamic design and the style of a next-gen 125CC model the YBR 125G is not fatiguing after long hours on the road and was developed to provide a sense of excitement and to entice you on board with just one look.

The 125CC torque-y, fuel injected engine is capable of handling rough roads, headlight anti-collision fender stay mitigates headlight damage in the event of a crash specially designed Yamaha double fender for rough terrain to prevent mud being trapped specially designed block pattern tire for a smooth ride and off road use, high visibility meter panel inherited from Yamaha’s sport models front and rear disc brakes for a surer stop, YZF-R6 inspired rear indicator flashers, and engine guard for added protection.

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