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The Yamaha 4-Stroke outboards offer outstanding fuel economy and cleaner emissions. The F75C series outboards are more resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It comes standard with engine stop switch lanyard, alternator, built-in hour meter, and hydro trim and tilt. Accessories include owner’s Manual and emergency starter rope, stainless steel propeller, spark plug, oil filter and tool kit.

This engine features ECM Micro-Computer Control (reliability), single throttle body for high performance, water sealed outer wall (for quietness), multi-function large tiller handle, 16-Valve direct action (for high power and torque, and fuel economy), multi-point fuel injection (for increased performance, fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions), water sensor, fail safe, YDIS: Yamaha Diagnostic System (Serviceability), built-in hour meter, anti-corrosion exhaust system, long-span mounting system, warning and protection (for reliability and convenience), and Yamaha Ideal anti-corrosion system (for durability).

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